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"On Earth as It is In Heaven"


"WE HAVE COME TO THE KINGDOM FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!" Get excited BELOVED OF GOD, WE have been chosen to live in the greatest time in the history of mankind for the True Followers of Jesus.  In 2012 we stepped over the threshold of the beginning of a New Age on God's timeline, THE KINGDOM AGE! For the last 2000 years, generations of believers have been calling in this time by praying "THE LORD'S PRAYER".  Everyone who has prayed, "Our Father, Who is in Heaven, Holy is Your Name. Your Kingdom come and Your WILL be done on earth as it is in Heaven" have called in this time in UNITY, where all of heaven is invading earth. 

The number 12 (2012) represents "Divine Government". As a sign to the world of this CHANGE, God gave evidence in the heaven's in the form of the 8th Tetrad of Blood Moons since the birth of Jesus. 8 means "NEW BEGINNING". A Tetrad is 4 Blood Moons 2 years in a row on God's Holy Feast Days of Passover (Nisan 15) and Feast of Tabernacles (Tishrei 15), 2014 & 2015. The doom and gloom message given by so many well known preachers is the WRONG MESSAGE! This is the time of Isaiah 60 for the Beloved of Jesus to Arise and Shine with the GLORY OF GOD while gross darkness gets darker, and Habakkuk 2:14 where the knowledge of the GLORY OF THE LORD will cover the earth, WE ARE THE GLORY CARRIER'S that will bring the Glory to the world. Things are about to get EXTREMELY AMAZING for the manifested Sons & Daughters of God! The Lord's recent saying to His Saints is: "You haven't seen anything yet, because you just don't know HOW GOOD I AM ABOUT TO GET!" Ephesians 3:20 is about to be very real as the greatest miracles, signs & wonders break out and the Holy Spirit is released in the FULLNESS OF HIS POWER (Joel 2) and the corporate Baptism of the Fire of His Love (Malachi 3) hits the Body of Christ! The manifest Sons & Daughters of God (Romans 8) are getting ready to be birthed to operate in the greatest miracles, signs & wonders, even greater than what Jesus did (John 14:12).

In heaven EVERYTHING is embellished with gemstones and EVERYBODY is covered in them. The children of God look like Royalty! Gemstones flow out of the heart of God with the river of life, which creates the Crystal Sea. The bottom is lined with gemstones instead of sand. On earth we give gemstones as gifts to our loved ones as a representation of "OUR LOVE".  In Ezekiel 28 we find reference to the "Stones of Fire", this is a reference to the very heart of God, the place where the Rainbow shines from, all over heaven. Our WORSHIP ignites the Father's passion, causing flames of fire to rise up around the "Stones of Fire" (they look like giant diamond mountains) which produces the Rainbow to resonate from His heart. Just like light on a diamond eminates a rainbow! The Rainbow is a sign of God's LOVE and Covenant of Promise to His children. It is the very essence of His heart. The Seven Spirits burning before the Throne radiate the colors  of the Rainbow. The Spirit of the Lord/ Prophetic Anointing radiates Red, the Spirit of Wisdom radiates Orange, the Spirit of Understanding radiates Yellow, the Spirit of Counsel radiates Green, the Spirit of Might radiates Teal (light blue), the Spirit of Revelation Knowledge radiates Indigo (dark blue) and the Spirit of Reverential & Obedient Fear radiates Violet. (Isaiah 11) The 7 Mountains of influence are also connected to the Rainbow: Red/Family, Orange/Arts, Yellow/Religion, Green/Economy, Teal/Media, Indigo/Education, Purple/Government.

I use these colors to create Heavenly Jewelry with spiritual meaning in them. I release the Fire of God and the Oil of Joy into each piece. This is the same process used to saturate healing prayer clothes. The Anointing that breaks the yoke! The color Teal is used a lot in my designs because it is the color for MIGHT or STRENGTH. The JOY of the Lord is my Strength. (Nehemiah 8:10) The Father loves this color. 

Revelation about The STAR OF DAVID: This is God's Star, a symbol of the Father's Dream. It represents "Being One With God", a Marriage Covenant. There are 2 triangles that interlock with each other, each point on the star has significance to it. Each point on the Triangle that points upward is for Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit. Each point on the triangle pointing down is for Body, Soul & Spirit. It is the Sign of Oneness of the Godhead/Trinity with man, The Bridegroom with the Bride. They live inside of us making us Supernatural Beings with their power and authority to rule over the darkness and push it back. Stop allowing the enemy to beat you up! You have authority and power over him according to Luke 10:19. It is time to Rule as the Kings & Priests unto our God!

This jewelry is for the beloved Bride of Christ, who are head over heels in Love with the Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit and enjoy wearing jewelry that demonstrates the fiery love and passion they feel for THEM. I will be adding more designs to this site as I am inspired to make them. Each piece is handmade to order. You can contact me through Facebook if you have questions and would like to discuss a certain design.

I would like to thank Kat Kerr, Revealing Heaven who was the greatest inspiration to me with all the Revealation she pours out about Heaven and the things of God. Her Books, Revealing Heaven I & II, are mind blowing with details and irrifutable evidence that would hold up in a court of law that the things shared are TRUTH. As well as Neville Johnson, The Academy of Light; Bobby Connor, Eagles View Ministry and Ian Clayton, Son of Thunder Ministry for their obedience to the Lord in sharing all the Revelation they receive from The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. They are key prophets who have inspired me and released revelation into my Spirit.

Rainbow Covenant Collection

Jewelry that portrays the 7 colors of the Rainbow to be a sign of God's love for His children. 

The Bride of Christ Collection

Jewelry Made to Represent Royalty as are All Who Belong to Jesus as His Bride.

Throne Room 

Throne Room Worship Bracelet & Pieces in honor of the Living Creatures Around the Throne