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The Message HolySpirit gave me on 1/23/19


The Living Bread of Life


“The digested Word of Truth is passed back and forth as food for the soul to be whole. As you speak out MY WORD to the ears of another it goes into their soul as food and nourishment to bring them to wholeness. The enemy has attempted to block the ears to hear and the eyes to see what the Spirit of the Lord is doing and saying. My people prosper as their souls prosper in the fully digested food of supernatural strength and immunity that only comes from the WORD OF TRUTH & LIGHT. My Son, THE WORD, spoke the written Word as His weapon against the enemy in the wilderness, His time of testing. He came out in the fullness of POWER.

Pray for the ears and eyes of the masses to be set free of all antichrist deception & delusions of darkness. I will now begin to blow on the waters to stir up agitation in their spirits as all false belief is revealed to the hearts of those who are trapped by darkness. Pray and agree with ME, My beloved ones for the ripping back of the veil to expose all that is hidden. For it is not by might, nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT that the unveiling of MY SON will shine through the darkness into the eyes of the souls covered in darkness. All of heaven is celebrating this time of TRUTH & LIGHT coming to restore, reverse, recompense, regenerate, redemonstrate, redirect, redeem, reevaluate, replace, reflect, reform, and RENDER JUSTICE in the earth to MY LITTLE ONES, MY BELOVED BRIDE, MY KINGDOM, & MY GOVERNMENT that will now begin to be set up in the earth. REPENT & RETURN TO YOUR 1ST LOVE FOR NOW IS THE TIME FOR MY WILL, MY WAY, AND MY SPIRIT TO ESTABLISH MY PURPOSES IN THE EARTH… says the Lord” AMEN


The WORD OF GOD is a living Word full of the Mysteries hidden in the Father's heart. It is time to go deeper, past the surface of theological doctrine that has sprouted religious denominations that separate the Body of Christ. The Mystery of Union with the Divine Nature of Jesus is what HolySpirit is unveiling in THE WORD to those who are seeking more, those who are unsatisfied with the status quo of the way the church has been in this era. I encourage you to dive into the very heart of the Father and seek out what has been sealed up since Daniel and John received the scrolls that were sealed. God is unsealing His mysteries in the Word through Revelation Knowledge being imparted in the seeking. The greatest time in all of history is upon us. It is time for the Treasure Hunt to begin! Whooohooo….



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